Community Roots Midwife Collective | Services and Model of Care

Prenatal Visits

When you find out you are pregnant and ready for care, or if you are curious about what we offer and who we are, please come to one of our "Meet the Midwives" events. We host "Meet the Midwife" gatherings roughly twice a month in our office in Longmont. This is an informal chance to meet one another, meet other families interested in homebirths, and ask questions about our model of care or your pregnancy.

If you decide you would like to work with us, we will schedule your initial visit where we do a complete health history, physical exam and make sure you are a good candidate for a homebirth. From there we have prenatal visits every month until you are 28 weeks, visits every two weeks from 28 weeks to 36 weeks, visits every week or as needed from 36 weeks to the birth of your baby. Each visit lasts about an hour (the initial visit may take a little longer). We asses the well being of you and your baby, as well as build a relationship around education and shared decision making, while getting to know your family. 

Most appointments will be in our office in Longmont. We offer two home visits: one in your second trimester and one around 36 weeks with your birth team. We want anyone who could be at your birth to come to a prenatal visit beforehand.

Labs and tests we offer routinely during prenatal visits:

  • Initial prenatal package blood work (CBC, blood type, antibody screen, HIV, rubella, syphilis, Hepatitis), Pap smear, chlamydia and gonorrhea, Maternity- 21 Genetic Screening

  • 28 weeks: CBC and follow-up antibody screen for Rh-women, Gestational Diabetes Screen

  • 36 weeks: CBC, Group-B Strep culture

  • We can refer you for ultrasounds, and more extensive genetic screening

Nichole and rachel attending baby moments after birth.

Nichole and rachel attending baby moments after birth.


We are on call for you from weeks 37-42 for your birth at home. We will do labor checks as labor progresses and stay with you when you are in active labor (about 5cm), through the birth and for 2-4 hours after you are “stable”, and you are comfortable. There will be two licensed midwives at the birth and you will ideally have met anyone who will be there. After the birth we do a newborn exam and help with breastfeeding. We offer Vitamin K and Erythromycin eye ointment for your baby.

In the event that you have your baby outside the window of 37-42 weeks, or if we transfer for any other reason, one of us will accompany you in the hospital and act as a support person through the birth of your baby.


We will do appointments in your home at 1 day, 3 days, and 1 week postpartum. After your 1 week appointment you and your baby will come to the office at 2 weeks (this can be done at home if desired), 4 weeks and 6 weeks postpartum. If additional care is needed we will address this as appropriate.

Additional Postpartum Services:

  • CCHD screen (Critical Congenital Heart Disease)

  • Newborn Metabolic Screening

  • Newborn Hearing Screen

The Cost of a Home Birth

The baseline investment for your homebirth is $4500, with a sliding scale from $500- $8500.  Our scale allows for those not able to pay our baseline fee to still have access to care on a first come first serve basis; we currently have two baseline fee spaces available per month. We have a sliding scale document that we require people to read, and if our clients think they qualify for a spot on the reduced rate, we will have them fill out an application that will be reviewed by The Friends of CRMC advisory committee. Please click here to read our sliding scale document. 

If you have private insurance, we have a billing company we work with after the baby is born to bill in full for your care.

Listen to an interview by Heartseed Heath Podcast with two of our midwives to learn more about our philosophy of care: 

The Essence of Birth - Interview with Lo Kawulok and Nichole Didelot of the Community Roots Midwifery Collective

Additional Services

cord burning can be an intimate, meaningful part of a baby's being born .

cord burning can be an intimate, meaningful part of a baby's being born .

Placenta Medicine – $200 (sliding scale to $150)

We take the placenta from the birth or the one day postpartum visit and return at the three day visit or whenever possible.  We offer encapsulation, as well as, prints on watercolor paper, and drying of the cord into a spiral or a heart.  We can also make a tincture for you.

Lactation Consultation

$125 for initial consult (in home if within first 2 weeks postpartum)
$75 for follow-up
Sliding scale available if needed
Free Milk Circle offered weekly at the 738 Coffman St. Classroom (1 hour drop-in gathering for parents feeding their little ones, facilitated by CRMC midwives/CLC) Click here for details.