Postpartum Care with CRMC: The First 6 Weeks

The postpartum period is often a time of immense joy, healing, growth, and challenge. As midwives, we acknowledge that the postpartum period is a time of great transition, in which supportive and evidence-based care can be of tremendous service.


Community Roots Midwife Collective (CRMC) is proud to offer comprehensive care for the parent/baby unit through 6 weeks postpartum. Rest and healing are central to postpartum health; thus, we offer our one, three, seven day and 2 week visits in-home, so that parents don’t have to travel to receive care. Our final 4 and 6 week visits happen at our office. Appointments last one to two hours and include full physical and emotional assessments of mom/baby, lactation support, healing therapies such as postpartum baths and/or vaginal steams, and any newborn screenings that have been chosen such as: Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD) screen, Newborn Metabolic Screening and Newborn Hearing Screen.

Throughout the postpartum time, we offer a vast array of holistic care and advice focused on the body’s innate ability to heal. Our recommendations are often nutritionally or herbally based, gently supporting people through the significant changes experienced in this remarkable time.

We also invite our clients to join us in community when they are ready to venture from home. CRMC hosts a FREE, weekly “Milk Circle”, facilitated by our midwives who are all Certified Lactation Counselors®. We also hold monthly community gatherings for our clients, with the intention of holding space for connection amongst new parents and families.