MYTH: Homebirth is messy!

MYTH:  Home Birth is Messy

There is a common misconception that having your baby at home means your house will become a “disaster area” during labor and birth. We often hear folks comment that they would consider a home birth, but are concerned about the clean up. We’re here to tell you that one of the best things about having the support of Community Roots Midwife Collective is that you won’t have to worry about the mess!

Here are some things to contemplate when considering the clean up of a home birth:
-Birth is not as messy as people think. Sure, there are some exciting fluids involved, but for the most part, it’s easy to contain them.
-You and your Midwives are well-equipped for the mess. We have you order a birth kit which comes with either reusable or disposable absorbent pads. These come in handy for protecting bedding and flooring. You will also gather extra towels, tarps, and protective plastic for bedding and carpet, and have a bowl nearby to catch fluids if needed.
-Did you know that hydrogen peroxide works miraculously to remove blood from carpet, clothes, towels, and bedding? We’ll be sure you have a few bottles on hand in case it’s needed.
-While you’re resting and bonding with your baby after the birth, we’ll be quietly tending to the clean up. This includes breaking down the birth tub, cleaning surfaces, starting laundry, and taking out the trash. We make sure that your home is a tidy as we found it so that you can focus on healing and your little one.
-In the case of a transport to the hospital, one of your midwives will stay behind to clean up if needed. We want to be sure that your return home feels warm and welcoming.

So, if you’re worried about having your baby at home due to the burden of the clean up, fear not! Often our clients or their family/support members comment that there are no traceable signs that a birth just took place in the home, apart from the new baby being cuddled in arms. Thus, we invite you to relax, and trust that your space will be well care for.

Here are some before and after pictures just for fun :)